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In order to be eligible for an M.A. or other degree under Statute B II 2 and the relevant Ordinances, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Hold an established University office, or a qualifying post at Cambridge University Press or Cambridge Assessment, or a Headship or Fellowship of a College. In most cases you must have held an eligible post for at least three years.
  • Have reached the age of 24.
  • Have matriculated (registered) as a member of the University.
  • Not already hold a Cambridge degree conferring membership of the Senate (although in certain circumstances you may still be able to incorporate a higher degree at Oxford or Dublin).
  • Still hold an eligible post at the time the Grace is approved.
  • If incorporating an Oxford or Dublin (Trinity College) degree, provide the Reporter Editors with your Oxford or Dublin degree certificate (or a scan or photocopy). You can incorporate one degree only and it must have been conferred.

Professors, Readers, and other University officers: Professors and Readers are eligible immediately as they have been appointed to the retiring age with no probationary period. Other University officers are eligible after three years in post (which need not be continuous).

Heads and Fellows: Heads are eligible immediately on election. Fellows are eligible after three years in post (which need not be continuous). Honorary Fellows are not eligible.

Cambridge University Press & Assessment:  The Secretary of the Press and Assessment Syndicate, Directors, Associate Directors, Senior Editors and Senior Managers of the Press and Assessment Department are eligible, with applications made via the Chief Executive's office to confirm eligibility.    

Affiliated Lecturers, Research Associates, Senior Research Associates, and Computer Associates are not eligible. Although members of the Regent House under A III 7(e), they are not University officers.

Holders of Postgraduate Certificates or the B.Th., B.Ed., Mus.B., B.Chir. or M.B. degrees are not thereby members of the Senate, so may still be able to receive a degree under Statute B II 2 if they are otherwise eligible and do not hold any Cambridge Masters degree or Doctorate. Holders of the LL.B. degree may become members of the Senate by having it formally re-designated as an LL.M., however, and all holders of the B.A. are entitled to the M.A. once they have held the B.A. for the required period.