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Student Registry



Under Statute B II 2, the M.A. degree may be conferred on Heads and Fellows of Colleges, University officers, and senior staff of the University Press or Cambridge Assessment if they are not already Cambridge graduates. Graduates of the Universities of Oxford or Dublin (Trinity College) may be admitted to the equivalent Cambridge degree instead of the M.A.

Degrees under Statute B II 2 are full degrees conferring the same rights as the equivalent degrees by examination, i.e. permanent membership of the Senate with its associated privileges and entitlement to submit work for other degrees such as the Ph.D. under Special Regulations or for Higher Doctorates such as the Litt.D. or Sc.D. They are not titular ‘honorary degrees’ (which are awarded by a different process).

The Process

  • Applicants should submit their details to the Reporter Office so their eligibility can be assessed (see Submit an Application). Once entitlement has been established, candidates need to confirm at which Congregation they wish to proceed to the degree and whether in person or in absence.
  • Before it can be conferred, a Grace for the approval of each degree must be submitted by the Council to the Regent House. This must take place at least 12 days before each Congregation.
  • The Graces are published in the Reporter in the week before the Congregation at which they will be submitted. Once approved they are valid for twelve months, but it is usual to graduate at that Congregation, either in person or in absence (candidates must still be in a qualifying post when the Grace is approved).
  • Those graduating in absence will be sent their degree certificate after the Congregation. Candidates in person need to arrange the appropriate academical dress and if without College membership someone to present them (usually their Head of Department or a deputy). Except for Higher Doctorates by incorporation, College members are presented by the Praelector of their College.
  • Those without College membership will be sent information regarding the ceremony about a week before the event by the Student Registry Degree Congregations team (email College members will be informed of arrangements by their College.