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Every student on a postgraduate programme of study must have a principal supervisor and adviser allocated to them. The record in CamSIS must be maintained to accurately reflect each student’s supervisor and adviser. Ensuring that these relationships are up to date allows the following;

  • Progress reports to be written;
  • Student applications (e.g. for intermission, leave to work away) to be approved by the supervisor;
  • Appropriate students to be registered for the PhD degree;
  • Masters students to take part in the Masters self-evaluation survey.

Students should only have one active Principal Supervisor at a time and any change to a supervisor must also include inactivation of a previous principal supervisor. Failure to inactivate a supervisor will cause problems for all of the processes listed above.

A guide to managing Supervisors on CamSIS can be found here.

Anyone who requests ‘Postgraduate Students Administrator’ and/or ‘Degree Committee Administrator’ access using the CamSIS User Registration Form will be given access to CGSRS reports accordingly.

The Notification of New Graduate Supervisor Details Form should be submitted to the Student Registry when you have a member of staff acting as a supervisor for the first time and need them set up to allow you to attach students to them.