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Student Registry


Student Registry, Academic Division

Student Registry, Academic Division
4 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RZ [Map]
Tel: +44 (0)1223 766302
Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00

Student Registry

Catherine Fage

Head of Student Operations


Sally-Ann Gannon

Head of Student Funding


Kerri Gardiner Head of Graduate Student Administration (7)66268

Jenny Green

Head of Records and Exams



Specialist Leads for work streams within the Registry (see map)

Jane Armitage

Student Loans


Sarah Baddeley

Records (3)38397

Jessica Barrick

Student Funding


Craig Belcher

Exams and Assessment


Tracey Boram

Team Leader


Annabel Curd Mitigating Circumstances Administrator (3)32308

Elin Davies

Safeguarding Students Administrator (7)65448

Selina Day



Michael Dunn

Finance transactions (Mon,Thur)

Daniel Ford Graduates


Alexandra Harford

Cambridge Bursary Scheme


Liz Heselwood

On maternity leave

Vacant Exams and Assessment (3)38389  

Hayley Osborne

Deputy Team Leader (7)64308

Jo Overhill

Deputy Head of Exams (7)66548

Nicolas Watkins-Wright

Deputy Head of Records and
Compliance Lead



Administrative staff - Focus on Compliance, Exams, Graduates and Records

Ceri Bennett

Student Registry Administrator (7)66302
Rhian Buchan Student Registry Administrator (7)66302

Rachel Deans

Student Registry Administrator


Judith Hasbury

Student Registry Administrator



Student Registry Administrator (7)66302  
Rosie Lang Student Registry Administrator (7)66302​

David McCarthy

Student Registry Administrator



Student Registry Administrator (7)66302  

Jen Webster

Student Registry Administrator (3)38385


Administrative staff - Focus on Finance, Student Funding and Loans


Scholarships Administrator



Caroline Brown

Student Loans Administrator


Kathy White

Student Funding Administrator