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Student Registry

The Student Registry is part of Student Administration in Education Services and based in the Student Services Centre.

Student Registry, Academic Division

Our address is:

Student Registry, The Student Services Centre, New Museums Site, Bene't Street, Cambridge, CB2 3PT.

Map Link: [here]


If you need to contact the Student Registry click on the link below.

Contact Us:

Tel: +44 (0)1223 766302 
Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Transcripts For information regarding Transcripts please click here
Certificates For information regarding Certificates please click here
Academic verification letters For information regarding Academic verification letters please click here
For Staff wishing to contact SR Student Registry Desk


Student Registry

Head of Student Registry
Tracey Boram Head of Student Registry


Student Registry - Postgraduate Records Specialists
Jasmin Urry-Gray Postgraduate Records Manager
Emma Rixon Postgraduate Records Lead


Student Registry - Undergraduate Records Specialists
Sarah Moss Undergraduate Records Manager
Selina Day Compliance Lead
Steve Hewer Undergraduate Records Lead


Student Registry - Administrator Management
Jesmin Haq Team Leader


Student Registry Administrators
Amie Eagling
David McCarthy
Elizabeth Hancock-Smith
Judith Hasbury 
Michael Joseph Goldsmith
Miriam Rice
Naomi Roberts
Neil Bamber
Rachel Parsons


Degree Congregations
Elizabeth Griffiths Congregations Manager
Rhianna Jones Congregations Administrator


Education Space
Georgina Wong Education Space Modeller
Justyna Latoch Education Space Administrator


Exams Team

The exams team are now a totally separate team to the student registry team and if you need to contact them please see the email addresses below.

Exams - Operations
Exams - Arrangements
Exams - EAMC