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Student Registry

The Student Registry is a central administrative hub for the collegiate University. They manage all aspects of student administration from matriculation through to graduation and maintaining the student record, which is the foundation of information for students and staff.

Some of our key functions and purposes include:

  • Registering new and returning students
  • Maintaining student records and course information
  • Overseeing changes in student status
  • Student record support
  • Administering and running all degree congregations
  • Scheduling teaching and examinations in central education spaces
  • Processing DBS checks
  • Data reporting

We are open from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday and we welcome visitors during these hours. Visitors who wish to meet with a particular member of staff are advised to check their availability in advance. Our last appointment time for students to speak to a staff member in person is 4.30pm.


Exam information has now moved over to a new SharePoint site, accessible to all members of the university ( email required).

Examination Access and Mitigation Committee (EAMC)

Exam Casual Staff