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Online DBS process overview for colleges for prospective Medicine (Enhanced DBS check) and Veterinary Medicine (Standard DBS check) students

From July 2020 all Student DBS applications are completed via an online portal.  The portal is hosted by Agenda Screening who complete the DBS checks on behalf of the University of Cambridge.  Colleges are not required to check any DBS forms or ID; this is all completed on line.  Colleges are also not required to view completed DBS certificates.

Process steps:

  1. The Student Registry send an email to all prospective medical and veterinary offer holders in February and March. The email will advise the student to make payment for the DBS check and whether they need an overseas check as well as, or instead of the DBS check. 
  2. The Student Registry receive an email notification when a DBS payment is made and then enter the applicants details onto the Agenda portal.
  3. The applicant will receive an email from Agenda screening inviting them to complete their DBS application online.
  4. The aplicant completes the DBS application online.  Agenda will deal with any queries regarding the application and ID documents.
  5. When the DBS check is complete Agenda will email the Student Registry the result and the applicant is also informed by Agenda. 
  6. The DBS certificate is sent direct to the student by the DBS.
  7. Student Registry will regularly update colleges on the progress of their applicants DBS checks.

Applicants are advised that:

  • Obtaining a DBS Disclosure is a condition of taking up their place on their chosen course.
  • As with any other condition of their offer, it must be met by 31st August (the UCAS deadline). This means that all students must have received their DBS disclosures from the DBS by this date.
  • Processing by the DBS can take two months during their busy summer period, so applications may be delayed

If you have any further queries are likely to be covered in our FAQs here: University of Cambridge Student Registry Office (, where you can also submit a form with your query.


What is the cost of a DBS check and how can the students pay?

The current fee for seeking an Enhanced Disclosure through Agenda Screening is £51.19 and a Standard Disclosure is £31.19. Payment must be made online at the University of Cambridge Online Store

No applicants will be added to the online portal unless payment has been received from the student.

How do I know the level of DBS check required?

Pre-clinical medical students and trainee teachers require an enhanced DBS check.  Veterinary medicine students require a standard DBS check.  Please contact the Student Registry ( for an eligibility form where you believe you have any other students requiring a DBS. Once completed, the eligibility form will be checked by the Student Registry and they will confirm if a DBS check is required or just a basic disclosure.

Subscribing to the DBS Update Service

The Update Service costs applicants £13.00 per year and is highly recommended. It is an online service that hosts the results of Disclosure Certificates and is automatically updated by the DBS (as long as the applicant maintains their subscription). Applicants must subscribe to the Update Service within 14 days of receiving their Disclosure Certificate, otherwise they will not be able to use the update service.The University will still need to see the original DBS certificate even if applicants have the Update Service.

If they have a subscription, applicants will not need to apply for another DBS check as long as their existing Certificate remains current.

Whether further action is required will depend on the status of the check.

What if a student has an existing Disclosure?

The student will need a new DBS check authorised by the University of Cambridge.

What if an applicant has a spent or unspent conviction, caution, reprimand or final warning?

Sometimes, during the application cycle (i.e: at the point of UCAS application or interview) a student may reveal that they have a spent or unspent conviction, caution, reprimand or final warning. Students in this position are told that if at any point they are convicted of an offence after they have applied, they must inform UCAS, and their prospective College. The individual should then send, in confidence, written details of the type of offence to the Senior Tutor they are holding an offer with.

If you are made aware of an offence, either prior to interview, or at a later stage of the application cycle, you should immediately send full details of the offence to the Student Registry. You will be advised of any action thought appropriate by the Director of Medical and Veterinary Education and the Director of Medical Education.


Please inform the Student Registry if at any point you realise that a student who has been made an offer will not be taking up a place at the University or has changed college. This may be due to failure to meet academic requirements, or because they have withdrawn, etc. This will help us to avoid spending large amounts of time chasing applicants who will not be attending the University, or chasing applicants at the wrong Colleges.

You are able to track the progress of an application online via the DBS website, Quick links; On-line tracking. You just need the Form reference number and the applicant's date of birth.

For further information on the online tracking system please contact:

Disclosure and Barring Service