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Persons employed by the University (for example, as research assistants) may apply for admission as a postgraduate student in order to study for a research degree.

Pursuing a Full-Time Research Degree

The following information applies to both full and part-time employees at the University wishing to undertake such a course.

Registration for a full-time research degree is acceptable only if the subjects of research and the daily work of the candidate match, and no more than 6 hours per week are spent on other related work such as teaching or administration; the candidate's Head of Department will be asked to confirm this condition is met when recommending the staff member for admission as a full-time postgraduate student.

Pursuing a Part-Time Research Degree

Part-time research degrees are expected to occupy time equivalent to 60% of a working week. For candidates who wish to study part-time, a reduced fee rate will apply only if there is a direct link between the subject of the candidate's research and their employment.

Reduction of the University Composition Fee

The University's policy for a reduction in the course fee for students holding a University employment contract at the point that they start their research degree at the University of Cambridge is provided below.

Codes of Conduct for Employees

An employee who registers for a research degree will be subject to the codes of conduct that apply to members of staff as well as having to observe the academic requirements for their course of study. Faculty/department/institution staff dealing with disciplinary matters should bear in mind the dual status of such persons when considering the appropriate course of action; they should consult the personnel consultant for the school (or the institute's human resources adviser) and the relevant Degree Committee in cases of doubt.