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Faculties/departments wishing to admit part-time students

A faculty or department wishing to admit part-time research students for the first time must arrange for the course code to be updated to include part-time study (email Student Registry at and contact the Postgraduate Admissions Office (cc Postgraduate Committee Secretary) to arrange for the GAOBase entry to also be updated.

Part-time research students have non-standard attendance and work patterns. However, the same research and training requirements apply as for full-time students, with pro-rata time commitment. The Director of Postgraduate Education, or if available the local co-ordinator of part-time studies should be available to advise part-time students encountering difficulties with access to research and training provision; they are expected to ensure that facilities are available at appropriate times.

Departments and faculties will be expected to make a realistic assessment of the ability of the candidate to attend regularly in Cambridge. Research degrees are not available by distance learning.

Colleges have agreed the provision that they will make for part-time students.


Information for applicants can be found here.


Faculties/departments considering applications to change mode of study

Students wishing to change from full-time to part-time study must make an application through their CamSIS self-service. Departments, usually the Director of Postgraduate Education, should discuss the impact of the change with the student before making a recommendation. A report form to record the outcome of the discussion is provided below.