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Guidance for Degree Committees

Student Registry guidance is available for Degree Committees:


Appointing supervisors

Taught postgraduate degrees - Every student on a postgraduate programme of study must have a principal supervisor allocated to them. Degree Committees are responsible for appointing supervisors. Guidance regarding eligibility is available to Degree Committees. Degree Committees should submit a completed Notification of New Postgraduate Supervisor Details Form to the Student Registry after appointing an individual as a supervisor for the first time. Student Registry will make the necessary set up in CamSIS which will allow the Degree Committee to attach students to the supervisor. Please note that in order for Student Registry to set up a supervisor on CamSIS we need to be provided with the individual's CRSid; a CRSid is generated when Raven access is first granted. If the newly appointed supervisor does not already have a CRSid, please complete and submit the UIS on-line Raven Application form:

The record in CamSIS must be maintained by Degree Committees to accurately reflect each student’s supervisor and adviser. A guide to managing Supervisors on CamSIS can be found here.
Students should only have one active Principal Supervisor at a time and any change to a supervisor must also include inactivation of a previous principal supervisor. Failure to inactivate a supervisor will cause problems for progress reporting through PFRS and supervisor approval of change in student status applications.

Postgraduate research degrees - Degree Committees are responsible for appointing eligible supervisors and advisers, and for maintaining the student record. Guidance can be found on the Postgraduate Research Office SharePoint.


Data and records management and retention

Information about data retention, GDPR, and the management of student records is available from the Information Compliance Office


Setting up/modifying programmes