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Guide to Undergraduate Examinations (2020-21)
The Guide to Undergraduate Examinations (2020 - 2021) is intended for staff who have a role in examinations as well as for students who wish to understand the end-to-end process. Authored by academic staff of diverse disciplines, the guide contains summaries of each of the stages in the journey towards, through and after an examination, highlights responsibilities and in each case is accompanied by links to more detailed guidance.
Please note this guidance relates to standard examinations only. Following the emergency changes made to the format of assessments in Easter term 2020, any changes regarding the 2020-21 academic year will be communicated.
Procedure to Support and Assess Capability to Study
The procedure is designed to deal with the small number of serious and difficult cases that arise each year. Faculties and departments which have concerns about a student’s capability to study should raise the matter in the first instance, and as soon as possible, with the student’s College. Further information is available here.
Faith-provision for University examinations (except those assessed by thesis and oral only)
This policy allows candidates to apply to the Student Registry for reasonable alternative examination arrangements to be made where the scheduled examination period coincides with a student’s religious observance. Students must submit a completed self-declaration form to the Student Registry, by published deadlines, countersigned by the College.  The Student Registry will consider the application and either seek to amend the timetable or, where this is not possible, discuss alternative arrangements with the College.  Where faculties and departments prepare their own timetable, we shall pass the information on for them to consider in accordance with the policy.  The Board of Examinations has the final decision.
Guide for college staff - DBS disclosures
This guide has been written to explain the Colleges' role in the DBS application process and to help staff advise their prospective Medicine and Veterinary Medicine students with the completion of their DBS application forms
Guide for staff – Student immigration
Information guides explain the responsibilities on students, colleges and faculties/departments when we sponsor students for a Tier 4 visa to study at Cambridge (either as a registered student or as a visitor) and provide instruction on how to undertake the administrative tasks required
Guide for staff – Postgraduate Admissions
The Postgraduate Admissions webpages contain information for staff in Departments and Degree Committees on policies and procedures relating to postgraduate student admissions.
Guide for staff - Gender reassignment
Link to guidance for Departmental and College staff who have been approached by a student undergoing gender reassignment and seeking to make changes to their student records. The document provides advice on how to support those students with reference to relevant equality legislation, data protection and disclosure protocols.