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As part of the requirements set by funding bodies, all supervisors are expected to undertake training on the expectations, roles and responsibilities of graduate supervisors.

Graduate Supervisions: Workshops for Supervisors

Personal and Professional Development (PPD) provides workshops, which through discussion of case studies, will make you aware of issues that can arise to help you develop in your role as an effective supervisor. These workshops are of interest to all graduate supervisors - old and new.

Aims (at the end of the course you will):

  • consider your role as a supervisor: expectations and duties
  • have a deeper understanding of approaches to supervising
  • have a greater awareness of the issues that can arise while supervising and where to go for support

Further information

Please note: additional bespoke courses (school or department-based) can be arranged on request by emailing PPD (

In addition to supervisor training, you will also find useful information about training for your students, and programmes that you may wish to encourage them to attend. Detailed information is available from Cambridge University Skills Portal.