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Student Registry


All graduate supervisors must report termly on their students' progress through CGSRS.

CGSRS is the online supervision reporting system at the University of Cambridge for use by the supervisors of graduate students, faculties and departments, degree committees, colleges, and the Student Registry.

These reports, once submitted, are available to the student. They are also read by the course director, degree committee, college and Student Registry, who all take an interest in the student's progress. Supervisors are encouraged to give an honest appraisal of the student's progress but to do so in a manner that can be used positively to provide useful feedback.

If your student is ill, or there are special circumstances, you should include details in your report as approprite.  You should also think about whether your student needs to intermit for a period of time if there are particular circumstances which effect their ability to work on their studies. 


If you have a technical problem operating CGSRS, please contact the CGSRS Helpdesk (