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Departments/faculties should provide additional information, support and training in academic skills to help students to complete their degrees. Much of this training takes place informally, as an integral part of coursework, supervision or tutorial support. Formal training in social sciences is provided by the Joint Schools initiative.

Graduate students are expected to be proactive and self-directed in all aspects of study and to make independent use of library and other available resources including laboratory facilities where appropriate.

Transferable Skills

The Research Councils require their studentship holders to receive transferable skills training. The University has extended the skills training programme to all research students.

Some transferable skills, such as effective communication in writing and in oral presentations of work, may be built up informally over the course: opportunities to develop communication and presentation skills, by making formal presentation to other graduate students or to an audience with no background in the subject, arise through activities organised by departments/faculties and colleges. More formal training in other types of transferable skills is available through the Careers Service, Language Centre, Computing Service, Counselling Service and the Centre for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD), among others. The University's training booking system is a useful resource to direct your students to: University of Cambridge Training

Supervisors are responsible for assessing the skills training needs of their students, taking into account the subject area and the background and previous training of the individuals concerned.

Students are expected to undertake the training agreed with their supervisors as required and/or desirable for their particular course of studies. The use of a progress log is recommended to record attendance and outcomes; the keeping of such a log is a requirement for progression in some faculties and in all cases for part-time research students.

Students are encouraged to supervise or teach undergraduates, and specific training where required is available through CPPD.