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In this section:

Some simple pointers to assist you in supervising your students effectively:

  • guide the student in planning, focusing and developing the study by encouraging the student to make a realistic written timetable and plan at a very early stage to ensure that a manageable piece of work is undertaken
  • advise the student on relevant literature, methodology and academic conventions pertaining in the field (in particular, how to avoid plagiarism; refer to University's Plagiarism website)
  • read and comment on draft chapters. Most Supervisors will specify that they wish to see at least some draft chapters at an early stage, as they are written, so that the student has the opportunity to incorporate any feedback into subsequent writing. This timely formative feedback is particularly important for one-year courses
  • respond promptly and appropriately to requests from students to meet and to comment on work at regular stages of development (if you are to be away from Cambridge for an extended period, do ensure that students and the Director of Graduate Education are aware of this and inform them of back-up supervisory arrangements)
  • monitor progress against the agreed timetable and plan for the work and take appropriate action as laid down in the Course Handbook if the student does not keep in contact, or progress is poor
  • report termly on the student's progress through CGSRS (see CGSRS site for more details)