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Student Registry


This section contains guidance information for graduate supervisors at the University.

Supporting Your Students

Over the course of a student's programme they may require support from their supervisors, department, degree committee or college for advice or supporting references. The following list provides a summary of common requests in addition to common policy related questions that may be sought by your students. Links are provided to information that the Board has developed to provide guidance on these issues.

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Code of Practice

The Code of Practice for research degrees and certificates of postgraduate study provide important information on the University's expectations of graduate supervisors, their students and others in the University who are concerned with graduate studies. This document is accessible to all members of the University and is provided in the link below for your reference.

Particular sections of the Code of Practice that you may require frequent reference to include:

  • Supervisor Responsibilities, section 2.3
  • Intellectual Property, section 4.4 (also refer Statutes and Ordinances)
  • Plagiarism, section 4.4 (also refer university wide Plagiarism policy)
  • Registration (transfer), section 5.2
  • Appointment of Examiners, section 6.1
  • Problems and Complaints, section 7