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Student Registry


If you think you may be eligible to receive the M.A. or incorporate your Oxford or Dublin (Trinity College) degree, you should contact the Reporter office with the following details:

  • Full name (including middle names) which will appear on the degree certificate and in the Grace
  • Date of birth
  • A list of any degrees already held and where, e.g. B.Sc. York, M.A. Durham, but details of degree class or subject studied are not required
  • Any College affiliation. If you don’t have this it does not affect eligibility.
  • Current job/position title and length of time in post; if held for less than three years, include previous posts in the University (including at Cambridge Assessment or CUP) and dates; if a College Head or Fellow, please also state any University posts.

The Reporter team will then assess eligibility and get back to you in due course.