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Degree Committees can now approve candidates for certain degrees under certain criteria without them having to go to be presented to the Board of Graduate Studies. The students must have started their course after Michaelmas term 2010 and they will be one of the following degrees;

  • MPhil
  • MRes
  • MSt
  • MEd (from 2014)
  • CPGS
  • Diplomas

Further information on how to manage this approval can be found below.


The 2019 guide has been issued to all Degree Committees; if you require another copy it can be downloaded using the link below:

Template Letters

Copies of results letters can be accessed via the 'Guidance, Forms and Templates' section of the Degree Committees Moodle site

If you do not have access to the Moodle site, please request access by sending your details (including CRSid) to the Student Registry's Graduate Lead, Emma Rixon (

Results list

When you have populated the Grade Roster, please remember to confirm this to the Student Registry by e-mailing us at and Please include a list of the students that have been approved/not approved (the template below can be used or the same details can be sent in an Excel spreadsheet.)

If you have any questions about, or issues with the completions of a Grade Roster please e-mail