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All supervision reports written after 24 November 2003 are OPEN reports.

Graduate Students have direct access online through their CamSIS self-service to their supervision reports written in CGSRS.

Please note that, under the Data Protection Act, the Student Registry may be asked by the student to disclose unseen reports.

If you need to make confidential remarks, please do so in a separate communication to the Board. If you do so in a letter or e-mail, please mark it CONFIDENTIAL. The Student Registry will keep such material confidential in so far as it is able under the Data Protection Act 1998

Filling in Supervision Reports

You will be expected to complete reports for your graduate students on a termly basis, irrespective of which graduate programme they are following. You can create more than one report in a term for any of your graduate students, if you want or need to.

When completing the reports, please:

  1. Check that the details shown at the top of the report form are correct.

    If the details are incorrect please inform the Student Registry by emailing the CGSRS Helpdesk (

  2. Report in detail about students whose industry or progress give cause for concern.

    This is required under Regulation 8 of the General Regulations. In such cases, please consider carefully how this information might be used for the student's benefit. Candidates who fail often complain that they were not made aware of their perilous position; a formal report, shared with the candidate, is a good way of providing appropriate feedback and formally recording that it has been given.

  3. Please do not hesitate to contact the Board at any time if a candidate's progress is giving cause for concern; do not wait till the next round of supervision reporting in the following term.

  4. Please create and submit the report as soon as possible to the Board.

    CGSRS reports should be submitted at least a week before the end of term.

Notes on Creating and Submitting Your Reports

Non-Registration Report

Only a brief report is needed for students whose progress is satisfactory. Use the tick boxes to indicate industry and progress and add free text if you wish. You are also asked to indicate the correct status of your student. These data are used for HEFCE reports and for other important auditing purposes. Additional documents can be attached to the report.

For research students (PhD/MSc/MLitt) please indicate whether the student has made satisfactory progress, has complied with any formal requirements for the course and appears likely to reach the standard required for the qualification for which he or she is aiming. If he or she is approaching the end of the second or subsequent year, you are asked in particular to comment on progress made towards writing up and to indicate, if possible, the likely date of submission of the dissertation.


PhD Registration Report

This applies only to probationary PhD students (also known as "not at first registered", or "NOTAF").

You can submit a PhD registration report only once. Only the Principal Supervisor can submit a PhD registration report.

Towards the end of the first year, a student's work should be the subject of rigorous scrutiny with a view to registering him or her for a research degree. The timing and arrangements for the registration exercise vary widely and should be checked with your Head of Department or the secretary of your degree committee.

Please bear in mind that:

  • One of the purposes of this assessment is to establish an approved subject of research which can be adequately completed within the time allowed.

  • Full-time students should not normally continue on the Register for more than 4 terms without being formally registered as a candidate for a degree. At the very latest, he or she should be registered by the sixth term. Registration is an important milestone in a student's career, not least because it makes him or her eligible for certain awards, and may be a condition for continuation of Research Council Studentships. Additionally, there may be certain financial implications for the University if students are not registered in a timely fashion.

  • Additional documents (e.g. reports made on the FYR may be attached to the record).

As soon as the registration exercise is completed, please create and submit a registration report, indicating the result in the section below the free-text box. When recommending registration you will also need to specify:

  • For which degree the student should be registered

  • The term from which registration is to be effective (normally the same term as that which appears in bold at the top of the report as "Admit Term").


What to do if the registration assessment is still pending:

  • If the registration exercise is due to happen within a month or so, it is best to wait before completing a registration report in this circumstance.
  • However, if the outcome is not straightforward, or the assessment is not due for some time, please create and submit a non-registration report initially, and then later in the term or the following term create and submit a registration report, when the assessment has been undertaken. If there has been a problem with the registration assessment, please contact your degree committee.

What to do if you need to re-register your student for a different degree:

  • Complete your termly report in the usual fashion recording that you will be writing to the Secretary to recommend that your student be registered for an alternative degree and the reasons for this.

  • Write to the Secretary of the Board recommending that your student be registered for an alternative degree and a supporting case for this.