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This is a guide for administrative staff on Graduate Admission's processes, roles and responsibilities, and relevant policy. You may also contact for help, or to suggest additions to these pages.

Information for prospective applicants can be found here: Graduate Admissions

Policy Guides:

Graduate Admissions Project

The online graduate application form and associated processes are currently being reviewed as part of a project to improve the Graduate Applicant Experience and the department and college decision making processes. The project began in July 2015.  Further information on the project, its governance, progress and scope can be found here:

University Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of all individuals, committees or groups who are involved in the process for admission of new graduate students to the University are set out in the following pages

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education set out expectations for the recruitment and admission to Higher Education


Relevant Committees

The central committees responsible for reviewing Graduate Admissions Policy are:

The Graduate Tutors Committee (a Standing Committee of the Senior Tutors' Committee) also discuss graduate admissions matters that are relevant to the Colleges:


Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998

The Student Registry requires Faculties and Departments to adopt and use the University's Electronic Document Management system which gives access to the University's student records systems (CamSIS) for admission purposes. The principles in the following document apply to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 while facilitating the orderly processing of applications for graduate study:


Timetable and Deadlines

Applicants may only commence their course of study at the start of a term i.e.:
1 October, 5 January, 10/17 April

The latest dates for submission of an application for admission in these respectives terms are:
30 June, 4 October, 14/21 January

All applications must be resolved (either with a degree committee recommendation for an offer of admission, or a rejection) by:
15 July, 4 November, 14/21 February for the above respective terms.

It is the responsibility of the graduate administrator within the department to ensure that academic decisions on applications are resolved by the above dates. Exceptions are allowed for admission to late advertisements of scholarships only.

Departments not operating a gathered field should aim to make academic decisions on applications within 8 weeks from the receipt of a complete application.

Decisions on college membership should be made within 10 working days



Business Processes and Workflows

EDM (electronic document management) for Graduate Admissions was introduced in September 2011 allowing applicants to upload all application materials electronically (including references from the referees via e-refs), and for these documents to be viewed in CamSIS by administrators and academics.

The BGS Work-list, and its accompanying notification emails, are used to notify administrators of each stage in the progression of an application from receipt of materials through to confirmation of offer.

Applicants themselves also receive email notifications, and can track the progress of their application via their on-line Self Service account. The EDM workflow document below lists the different types of work-list items you can receive, and also the admissions workflow.


Coversheet Guide

Please consult the file below for a guide to the different sections on the coversheet and how best to fill them in to ensure speedy processing by the Graduate Admissions Office.


Supplementary Queries and Reports


Lists documents that applicants have submitted after the application appears in the departments worklist. Please email if you would like access to this report, and it will be copied it your user-id so that it appears in your camsis search


ALL_PGD_ADM_DEFERRAL_TERM (Camsis Query/all users)

The query should be used in conjunction with the 'deferral Request' worklist notifications that you receive, and will include the date that the applicant has requested to defer to , and the reasons requested for deferral.


ALL_PGD_ADM_USER_WORKLIST (Camsis Query/all users)

Shows which items are in (or have been in) a user's worklist. Option 0 returns items that in a users worklist, Option 2 shows items that were in the worklist but have been deleted by the user; Option 4 shows items that were removed by CamSIS due to security changes. The Query is run by crsid.


DEP_GRD_ADM_NOTIFICATIONS (Camsis Query/all users)

Notifcations are sent by email (eg "conditional offer set", "application withdrawn" etc. ). Users may chose not to receive these notifications by email, but can view them by running the above report. The query is run by date and up to 5 academic plan's.


UCBGSADMOFF (offers) & UCBGSADMCNF (confirmations) (Camsis report/colleges only)

Two reports showing details of the offer of admission & of the confirmation of admission. The reports are run by term and for a particular date range (e.g. all offers made between 1/1/12 and 1/2/12). The information is given on one page per applicant. Training on how to run the reports is available online at If you click on the online training, the instructions on how to run these reports are available as 'New! - Offers made and Confirmations reports' in both the list of NEW! items and the College Postgraduate Admissions folder.



Statistics and Management Information (Student Analytics)

Student Analytics is an additional system, that compiles useful 'dashboard' statistics on the Graduate Admissions life cycle with data pulled overnight from CamSiS.  Dashboards have been created for colleges, departments, faculties and Schools.  If you would like access to the Student Analytics tool, please contact A raven log-in is required to access the system.

NB. Student Analytics is only holding data up to 2017 followingthr CamSIS improvement program and the restructure of CamSIS data. It does not hold information further than 201. A replacement is being worked on by CamSIS.

Student Analytics

Student Analytics - 'How to' Guide



Forms and templates

Forms for colleges


Policy Guides:


It is a requirement of the Board of Graduate Studies that all graduate applicants who are to be made an offer of admission are interviewed by an appropriate Department or faculty member before a formally recommending an offer of admission to study. Please see below for full details of this policy, and for a suggested template to be used in the interview.


Admitting Part-time Students

For information on admitting Part-time Students please see the following pages:

Part-time Programmes


International Qualifications Equivalencies

Please consult the file linked below for a guide to international qualification equivalencies used by the Graduate Admissions Office when making offers.


Immigration and Visiting Students


Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

If an applicant requires a DBS check then the GAO will co-ordinate this with the Student Registry and ensure that DBS approval is a condition of the offer of admission. Departmental administrators must notify us that a check is required by ticking the relevant box on the admissions cover sheet, and state which level of DBS check is required in the further details box.


For further information on DBS checks and the different levels please see the pdf below.

For further information on DBS checks please contact DBS at the Student Registry (


Language Guidance

The following is a joint document written by the Graduate Admissions Office (GAO), the International Student Team (IST), and the Language Centre (LC) with the aim of providing a clear and convenient overview of the procedures and requirements with regard to the Language Condition set for international postgraduate applicants.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is EDM?

EDM (electronic document management) was introduced in September 2011 enabling all application materials, including references and supporting documents to be viewed as electronically stored documents in CamSIS. All documents are stored in Serengeti, and the Graduate Admissions Office no longer holds hard copies of applications or application materials. 

EDM also enables electronic workflow, sending worklist notifications via CamSIS and email to admissions administrators at the various stages of the application and offer process.

Q. How do I register new users or update existing users' access so they can view/action applications?

Registration of new users is managed by the Camsis support team.  Complete a 'CamSIS Self Service User Registration for Graduate Admissions' form and return to CamSIS.
The relevant CamSIS role descriptions to request in the above form are:

  • College Graduate Admissions Administrator with 360 Degree View
  • College 360 Degree View for Academic staff
  • Department Graduate Admissions Administrator with 360 Degree View
  • Department 360 Degree View for Academic staff

Please select the relevant option for the user. The form will need the approval of your head of institution/line manager.

You will also need to notify Graduate Admissions who can then set up the relevant worklist notifications.

Note: When Staff members leave:
For security purposes it is very important that CamSIS are notified when members of staff move/leave departments/facultys/degree committees/colleges. CamSIS will need to remove user access to view the accounts of students within the department.

Q. What training is available?

Online training on how to process applications for admission is available on the CamSIS website - CamSIS Online Training
Mike Horscroft in the Graduate Admissions can also offer one to one training.

Q. How do I manage my work-list items and email notifications?

Items that require action in CamSIS Self Service should appear in the work-list and should be removed when the required CamSIS action has been taken.

Items that are for information only and that do not require action in CamSIS should not appear in your work-list; the notification should only be received by email or by using the report listed below. In this way colleges, departments, and degree committee users can choose which notifications they wish to receive, and delete the notifications without impacting on other users.

Q. What work-list items and email notifications have I been set-up to receive?

You can find out which work-list items & email notifications have been set up for you by entering your CRSID on the following CamSIS page:

Main Menu> People Tools> Utilities> CamSIS Utilities> EDM Workflow> EDM Worklist User Set up

If there is a tick under 'Recipient' will receive this work-list item in your CamSIS work-list.
If there is a tick under 'Email' you will receive an email notification about this item. The email will be sent to the email address listed at the top of the user set-up page.

If you would like either your EDM work-list user set-up to be amended please email:

CamSIS is unable to limit the work-list items received by Degree Committee users who are also departmental administrators. Degree Committee users should use CamSIS Search to filter the work-list items.

Q. Why did the work-list item disappear from my work-list?

Users with the same EDM Work-list User set-up will share the same work list items.

If one user deletes the item, the item will be removed from the work-list for all users who were able to view that item.

The item could also disappear as it was reassigned to another user. If an item is re-assigned, it will only appear in the work-list of the users it has been assigned to.

Q. My worklist is not showing me the items that I would expect - what do I do?

Please contact to ensure that you have received the security settings that you requested.

Q. I am leaving and would like my replacement to have access to the relevant areas of EDM

For security purposes it is very important that CamSIS are notified when members of staff move/leave departments/faculties/degree committees/colleges. CamSIS will need to remove user access to view the accounts of students within the department.

Complete a 'CamSIS Self Service User Registration for Graduate Admissions Form' and return to CamSIS.