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Student Registry


Overview of Research Councils UK

Each Research Council has government funding to support research and training in a different area of the arts and humanities, social sciences, engineering and physical sciences and the medical and life sciences. There are currently seven Research Councils. See the RCUK website for more information.

Contact Information

For queries regarding the administration of the following Research Council awards, please use the contacts below.

Research Council Contact
AHRC Student Funding Team
BBSRC Graduate Office of the relevant Department or the School of Biological Sciences Team at the Research Operations Office
EPSRC Graduate Office of the relevant Department (or the Research Operations Office for financial queries)
ESRC Student Funding Team
NERC Graduate Office of the relevant Department (or the Research Operations Office for financial queries)
MRC or the School of Clinical Medicine Team at the Research Operations Office
STFC Graduate Office of the relevant Department or the School of Physical Sciences and Technology Teams at the Research Operations Office


The Joint Electronic System (Je-S) is used by all of the Research Councils to administer grants and studentships.

If your role includes working with RCUK funds and you wish to gain access to the Je-S system, please contact Student Funding to arrange access. You will then need to Create a Je-S account. Instructions on how to use Je-S can be found here.

Disabled Students Allowances

Graduate students with a diagnosed disability who have been recruited to Research Councils' studentships are eligible to apply for additional financial support towards disability related expenditure arising from their studies. Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) are available to students regardless of age and are not income assessed.

All students interested in accessing DSA should contact their Disability Adviser at the Disability Resource Centre to discuss their needs.

Further details about the DSA can be found here. Further details about the DSA polices of RCUK can be found in the DSA Framework Document.

Submission Rate Survey

Each year, the Student Funding Team completes a Submission Rate Survey on Je-S for Research Council funded students only. The Submission Rate Survey asks the Student Funding Team to report whether or not a student has submitted their thesis before the expected date.

Students will be included in the survey if they were expected to complete for the year the survey is taken, as well as those students with an earlier submission date for whom the survey has yet to be completed (ie Reason for Non-Submission is set to 'Student will not submit' or 'Submission Delayed'). Please note, this means students who submitted early will not be included; such students will appear on the survey for the year they are expected to complete*.

Je-S issues a deadline each year before conducting the survey. Departments are asked to update their submission deadline records on JeS each year by mid-October. Departments should ensure that the submission deadline in JeS is in line with the University’s date on CamSIS. After mid-October, the survey is set and further changes will not be taken into account.

The AHRC and the ESRC will impose sanctions if the University of Cambridge submission rate as a whole does not meet the RCUK threshold. Currently, the minimum rates for timely submission are:

ESRC = 60% for the University overall

AHRC = 70% for the University overall

* N.B. If an AHRC studentship is terminated before the end of their first year, for whatever reason, the student will be excluded from the AHRC submission rate surveys.

For queries, contact the Student Funding Team.