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Student Registry


Please contact the Student Registry Examinations Team ( for information if it is not available below.


Q. How do you enrol your students for their examinations on CamSIS

Students have to be enrolled directly onto CamSIS (Login to CamSIS) for all the examinable components of their course, this includes all written exams, dissertations, coursework, practicals, etc.. The Student Registry will publish annually the dates when this needs to be done at the start of Michaelmas term each year.

Any corrections to your enrolments need to be undertaken by the Student Registry, please notify the Student Registry (


Q. How do you check which students have been enrolled into examinations?

You can check the students you have enrolled into examinations, using the instructions below:

  1. Login to CamSIS (Login)
  2. Navigate to the following page: Curriculum Management> Class Roster> Exam Candidates (Name Only)
  3. Enter the Institution (UCAMB)
  4. Enter the Term where you have enrolled the students (if you are unsure of the term codes click on the magnify glass)
  5. Enter the Subject Area (if you are unsure of the subject area codes click on the magnify glass.

You will receive an Examination Entry Confirmation Form (ECF) for all your students sitting centrally scheduled written examinations or online assessments. The ECF will include the Blind Grade Number and information regarding examination dates, times and locations.

Q. How do you enter your students' results on CamSIS?

The overall result and marks awarded to students need to be input directly onto CamSIS (Login to CamSIS) onto the Grade Roster page for all assessed components of their course where there have been marks awarded: online assessments, in person examinations, dissertations, coursework, presentations and so on. Instructions on this process can be found here:

Students will be able to view their results and marks via their CamSIS self service page once the data has been posted, this process is carried out by the Student Registry. Therefore it is vital that you send confirmation that you have populated the Grade Roster with results to