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Grade Rosters are a means of collecting exam result information in a centrally maintained format, to enable the population of a student's record, which will, in turn, populate official University transcripts with useful and accurate data relating to a student's academic results.

What is a Grade Roster?

All data relating to assessment is held in CamSIS in tables called Grade Rosters. There is a Grade Roster for every module/paper within a subject and another to record the Class/Pass/Fail information for each subject. This enables data to be recorded on a student's record and will eventually appear on a student's official University Transcript.

Departments and Faculties upload their Grade Rosters, which are comma separated value files, onto CamSIS directly.The Student Registry offers guidance and support to enable this procedure to be completed successfully, allowing the timely publication of Classes and marks to the records of students.

Information relating to Grade Rosters, what they are and how they need to be completed can be accessed by emailing The current Combined Grade Roster Guidance document issued by the Student Registry provides information on how Grade Rosters are downloaded from CamSIS, completed corectly and uploaded back onto CamSIS.