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Class Lists can be submitted to the Student Registry either in person or via email.

Once the Class List is final please submit to the Student Registry via the Grade Roster email address:

Alternatively, should you wish to deliver the Class List to the Student Registry, please visit the Student Registry, University of Cambridge, Student Service Centre, New Museums Site, CB2 3PT.

What you need to bring with you when submitting the Class List - Applicable only if delivering hard copies of the Class List in person

  1. Two copies of the Class List, signed by all the Examiners. Each Class should be ordered alphabetically by surname with initials and college.
  2. A list of the names and Colleges of those candidates who have failed, and (if relevant) any comments which might assist the Applications Committee in considering the cases of those candidates.
  3. A list of the names and Colleges of those candidates who do not appear on either (i) or (ii), together with an explanation.
  4. Processing of Marks Form.
  5. One hardcopy of the final markbook.
  6. A completed copy of the Class List Check List Form. This is important as at a glance both this office and yourself can be sure that you have brought all the necessary paperwork. Additionally, please complete the contact details on the form to confirm where we can get hold of you, or one of your colleagues at short notice, just in case a query arises regarding the Class List you have left with this office, once you have gone.

Further details regarding the Grade Roster, and the deadlines for when they are due, can be found at Grade Roster Information.