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Prior to the submission of Class Lists in the Easter Term

It is the responsibility of the Chairman of Examiners (Senior Examiners in the case of NST Parts II and III), to confirm the planned submission date of the Class List to the Student Registry.

The Student Registry will contact you by email to complete a 'Confirmation of Class List Submission Form'. This will need to be returned by email to by 30th April (in any given year).

Please note this is only a requirement for Class Lists being published in the Easter Term.

Class List publication

The Chairman of Examiners (Senior Examiners in the case of NST Parts II and III) is responsible for compiling the final Class List and supporting information, which is submitted to the Student Registry. Please click on the link below for information regarding what should be included on the Class List, and also a detailed breakdown of the information you need to bring with you when submitting the Class List.

Submission of Class Lists to the Student Registry

After receipt, the Student Registry will process the class list and publish individual class results to the student's CamSIS account as soon as possible throughout the day. Class lists, which exclude the names of one or more candidates who opted out of having their names included, will then be posted outside the Senate House from 4.30pm each day and copies will be sent to Colleges.

Any lists that are received after 2pm may not be posted that day and may be held over until the next available posting time. If you cannot ensure that you will be able to deliver the list by 2pm, we advise you to inform students that the publication date will be later than the Final Examiners meeting date. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure swift publication, we will not rush to post results.

Lists are processed in chronological order of receipt, therefore upon delivery there is no guarantee your list will be dealt with immediately and there could be a delay of several hours before publication. However, as long as it is delivered before 2pm, every endeavour will be made to publish it the same day.

Class Lists, which exclude the names of one or more candidates who opted out of having their names included in the published Class List/List of Successful Candidates, should only be published in the department or faculty once you have had confirmation from the Student Registry that they have been posted at the Senate House. Under no circumstances should they be posted up prior to publication at the Senate House.


Changes to Class Lists after publication

Corrections to Class Lists

If an examiner becomes aware of any errors in the Class List, they should contact the Secretary of the Board of Examinations, who must be informed of any substantive change involving a classing decision. Prior to publication in the Reporter, providing the change is not substantive, all that is usually necessary is to submit a corrected list to the Student Registry and to forward the relevant changes to the marks recorded in the Grade Roster. The Chairman of Examiners will be notified of any corrections prior to reissuing the class list.

If the Class List has already been published in the Reporter this constitutes an amendment requiring the publication of a Notice in the subsequent edition of the Reporter.

Amendments to Class Lists

Any change to a student's class constitutes an amendment to the class list approved by the Examiners. Amendments are only made in the following circumstances:

  • as a consequence of the Examinations Review Procedure where the Chairman and two other Examiners have agreed to raise the student's class;
  • as a consequence of a recommendation by the Applications Committee authorising the Chairman of examiners to raise a student's class;
  • as a consequence of an error in calculating or recording marks when classing a candidate.

The Secretary of the Board of Examinations is responsible for seeking authorisation from the Vice-Chancellor to change a student's class following a recommendation from the Chairman of Examiners.