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Examiners are expected to attend all Examiners' meetings to finalise and approve marks and, in the case of Tripos examinations, to sign the class list. If an Examiner is unable to attend a meeting, for any reason, they must seek permission to be absent and excused. Dispensation must be approved before the Examiners' meeting takes place.

Every Examiner who has taken part in an examination*, undergraduate or postgraduate and including External Examiners, is expected to attend the final Examiners' meeting unless prevented by grave cause. Permission for dispensation must be sought from the Vice-Chancellor via the Education Quality and Policy Office. The General Board have approved a procedure for requesting leave of absence from the final meeting of Examiners, the first stage of which is agreeing the absence with the Chair of Examiners, the Senior Examiner, or the relevant Degree Committee as appropriate. The following form will need to be completed and returned to


Please note that, for the Natural Sciences Tripos, the Medical Sciences Tripos and the Veterinary Sciences Tripos, Examiners are expected to attend all meetings to discuss the marks in the subject to which they have been appointed. Only Senior Examiners are required to attend the Final Examiners' meeting to finalise marks and sign the class list.